The Chester Performing Arts Project
The Vision

The city of Chester, PA has a rich history starting back in pre-colonial times through a very prosperous moment at the turn of the 20th century (until the 1950's) as the region's premier ship building center.

The city fell on very hard times as all industrial cities did in the 1960's and remained rather depressed until the mid 80's when little by little, people thought it proper and profitable to begin reforming the town.

Now, as the rebirth of Chester is in full swing, we have decided to create a Performing Arts District. At this point, we are planning 6 theatres - an Opera House, and Orchestra Hall, a Chamber Music Hall, a Theatre dedicated to Classical and Modern Dance, a Black Box Theatre and a Cabaret (the "André Café Acoustique" , now in service!). We envision also a Performing Arts Library and possibly an all Arts talk radio station as well as eventually a Performing Arts School.

While the classical arts will of course be well served in this project, our real mission is to find and nurture new creators - writers, composers, choreographers, poets, stage directors, cineasts, etc. We will look within the local community and the region for those voices, and then we will look nationally and internationally as well.

Our intention is to form a new Theatre Company, Opera Company, Orchestra and a Dance Company composed of professionals who would aide those creators in realizing their goals.

This is the heart of the Chester Performing Arts Project - very high quality performance of new work. Too often, creators do not have access to good performance of their work. This can be very discouraging and influences some to simply stop. This is an intolerable waste of talent.

This is obviously an enormous undertaking (there is the need to raise about 35 million dollars), however, the politicians of the city and also of the State of Pennsylvania understand the strength of the arts in community building and enrichment and are in full support of this endeavor.

We need the help of all who cherish the arts, in the Chester region as well as beyond. The arts have no state, national, or international boundaries. Should the muses move you to contribute, checks made out to The Chester Performing Arts Project can be mailed to: The Chester Performing Arts Project
                                                                         PO Box 408
                                                                         Chester, PA

****OR****  Contributions can easily be made using the PayPal link below

 Should you have further questions,  ideas, or would like to help in other ways, send me a note to

I thank you for your support. May the arts enrich your life in extraordinary ways!

Paul Fejko