The Loose Cannon

This page last updated November 23, 2016

11/23/2016 ***** Donald Trump is 'Putney Swope' !!!!!!!

11/28/2015 ***** Anyone that knows me knows that I am a raging Socialist Liberal Democrat (with a large side of Anarchist!) and probably (never say never!) would not vote for a republican president, no matter who would be available BUT..... What is wrong with those republicans?? Donald Trump, Ben Carson....? Are they out of their minds?! At least put up a professional politician. Yes, I know it seems  dirty words in their world but that again demonstrates their ignorance of how civilization works. Civilization is a system (are systems) designed to allow people(s) who do not get along to coexist in the same space with a minimum of violence. Without civilization, the human world would surely destroy itself.

Politicians and diplomats are the intermediaries who negotiate (of course, not always successfully) among many and varying cultures, belief systems, political philosophies, etc. in an effort to serve the greater good of preserving humanity at large. I would much rather have to deal with Ted Cruz with whom I would have great disagreement, but who is a real politician than those who are proud that they have no prior diplomatic or political experience. Would you hire a plumber who is proud of never having plumbed before, but rather was a painter - believing that to be a better qualifier for good plumbing?

2/28/2015 *****I APPLAUD the FCC for Finally doing what should have been done long ago! The internet IS a public utility and should be treated as such.

I know governments and bureaucrats make mistakes and indeed can be arrogant and condescending but..... The alternative is unfettered greed disguised as capitalism which I believe is where we would be heading if certain from the conservative right have their way. Those unfortunate patsies of the corporate world seem not to realize that when they have finished their mission, they surely will be cut loose by those who formally fed them.

I do not hide the fact that I am a very liberal socialist democrat, but I do have a libertarian side and there are times when indeed I believe the conservatives have a point. But not here!

My belief is that government exists not to take control of American life, but to protect American life from those who would have us return to the 19th century and all of its trappings - think lower Manhattan, more bust than boom, great poverty, slavery - not just Africans in the South - but also sweatshops in the north, most money and power in very few hands, little or no sanitation, few roads, patent medicines, the list can go on for a while.....

2/28/2015 *****I Fiscal Cliff?? How can I get up there in the first place??? The higher you are, the further you fall!! Enjoy!!!

2/28/2015 *****I 'Tis Time to REPEAL the 2nd Amendment!!!!!! Nobody needs the RIGHT to have a gun. How about let's ENFORCE the RIGHT to VOTE!!

2/28/2015 *****I What is this about pieces of identification (for voting purposes) needing an expiration date? Do people have expiration dates? I believe I shall remain the same person regardless of an expiration date on a piece of plastic or paper....!!!

11/20/2014 ***** When I go to a store and at checkout am informed that I just saved $7.56 I just have to remind the checkout clerk (no, they are NOT customer service executives!) that indeed, I just SPENT $75! I could have saved the whole $75 by not coming in at all!

11/20/2014 ***** Regarding certain anti-depression drug ads:
Are aches and pains caused by depression, or, might one become depressed because of aches and pains? I would vote for the latter!

11/20/2014 ***** I am ABSOLUTELY for universal, single payer healthcare.

What I see as the main argument against such is the idea that bureaucrats would be making medical decisions. How indeed is that different from now?? Are not insurance companies large bureaucracies? Do not they decide what is proper and what is not, based upon their ideas of what is cost effective (and therefore, good for their investors)? This rationing has happened to me a few times.

We indeed DO have healthcare rationing now - different levels of coverage ranging from nothing, to luxurious. This usually based upon the income level of the person discussed. Is that not rationing (by income)?

The US healthcare system - the doctors, hospitals, etc. is probably the finest in the world - otherwise why would so many want to come here from many other countries for care?

It is the healthcare PAYMENT system that is abominable! Usually, those from other countries have the requisite money to pay for their fabulous service. Again - rationing by income.

If our government is good enough to field a first rate military, why can it not create a first rate healthcare system?