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Liszt Cover Works of Franz Liszt, Giuseppe Marticci, and Marcel Lanquetuite Played on an extremely massive and powerful instrument that started out as a German Romantic organ in the 1930's, then recreated, reformed, and enlarged by Thomas Jann of Stutgart in 2001.

94 ranks, 4 manuals, a vast acoustic environment with almost 8 seconds of reverb!

A truly monumental sonic experience!

Jann added even more power to an already impressive sound!

Check this one out!

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Track Title Time
Giuseppe Martucci
Sonata in d minor, op.42
1 - 7 Allegro Risoluto 16:27
8 - 10 Adagio, ma non Troppo 6:50
11 & 12 Allgro Fugato 4:52
13 - 29 Franz Liszt
Fantasy and Fugue on 'Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam
30 Marcel Lanquetuite
Toccata in D Major
Total Time 1:07:39

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